Service Maintenance

Dear Players, 
maintenance works will be carried out at 11:00 ~13:00 on 2017-03-07 Service will not be available during that period of time.

Changes : 

- Fixed the Wrong of Warmaster Symbol .
- adjust the AC Symbol the Value to 44.

- The entrance of is setup at West Glade (Outside of Mini Dungeon) (For 105Lv+ , One days per enter.)

- adjust the Symbol Material drop rate at Venom Dungeon 1/F ~ 3/F. ( 30Minus , One days per enter for Same Floor.)

- Add the Prize of 'DualClass Equip Gift Box(7Day)' for Dual 1

- In Local War to Press the resurrection will refill the CP to Max.

- adjust the Magic for Def 95% FireDamage (Orignal 50%)
- adjust the Magic for Def 95% IceDamage (Orignal 50%)
- adjust the Magic for Def 95% lightning Damage (Orignal 50%)